• Welcome to Wachusett Speech!
    Our focus is the child
    Our client is the family
  • Welcome to Wachusett Speech!
    Specializing in Assessment
    Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Welcome to Wachusett Speech!
    Individualized Therapy
    Driven by the latest research

Evaluation & Diagnostics

We offer several evaluation options, allowing us to select the most appropriate structure based on your concerns and your child’s developmental history.

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Speech & Language

We provide fun and effective speech and language therapy within our client’s home or our office in 30, 45, or 60-minute sessions, followed by family coaching and home programming.

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Consultation & Collaboration

We view ourselves as part of your child’s team. We enjoy and encourage collaboration with all providers, across disciplines, in various settings.

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Wachusett Speech & Language Therapy (WSLT)

Wachusett Speech and Language Therapy is a pediatric private practice offering in-home and in-office services to the Wachusett region of Central Massachusetts and its surrounding communities. We specialize in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of speech, language, and social-pragmatic delays and disorders in children birth through 18-years of age. At WSLT, we believe that every family should have access to exceptional care; care that is family oriented and child focused.

We best serve our community by:

  • Providing speech-language therapy that is driven by the latest research and understanding
  • Sharing our knowledge and resources
    • To educate families in deep and meaningful ways
    • To provide context to their child’s strengths and needs
    • To connect-the-dots
  • Supporting parents, families, and caregivers as they advocate for their child

More About Us

Treatment Specialties

Our qualified therapists have experience treating in all areas of speech and language, including but not limited to: