How to Get Started

1. Call Us

Call us at (978) 481-7268 to speak to a therapist about your concerns and discuss the ways in which we can support your family and provide services to your child. Our attentive staff will guide you through the brief intake process.

Often when you call us at WSLT, you will reach our voicemail service because we are out treating in the community! Your call will be returned within 24 hours.

2. Determining Your Needs

If we find an evaluation is recommended, our therapist will assist in selecting the most appropriate length and type. From there, your initial appointment will be scheduled to complete a thorough assessment.

If we find that an evaluation is not necessary, your initial appointment will be scheduled to begin treatment.

In addition to the information gathered during the intake, it is greatly appreciated and helpful to your clinician if you provide any paperwork (e.g., evaluations, IEPs, treatment/progress notes) from other programs or facilities via email or during your initial visit.

3. Your Initial Appointment

Your initial appointment will begin with some necessary paperwork and an opportunity for you to voice any concerns and ask questions. Your provider will then begin the assessment, which includes standardized measures and clinical observation of your child. We use motivating toys, games, and books to ensure your child feels comfortable.

Many times, formal results can be shared immediately, and recommendations are always provided following the assessment. Additionally, you will receive a comprehensive report within two weeks.

4. Our Treatment Plan

If therapy is recommended, ongoing appointments can be scheduled during your initial visit. Treatment plans are individualized to meet every client’s needs.